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American Independence Day 4th Of July

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In the age of industrialization the Europeans started invading various parts of the globe to expand industrial production and consumers. Many of the European powers colonylized different parts of North America. But after the first-half of the eighteenth century the British empire losing its power in all the continents. The thirteen of its American colonies form a coalition and passed a resolution of independence.

And two days later on Fourth Of July 1776 was the day when these thirteen British colonies unitedly declared them independent from the monarch of Britain and gained recognition as a free, sovereign, and united states of the North American continent. Hence, the date is celebrated as American Independence Day.

Independence Day
Independence Day

Independence Day

The Independence Day witnesses lots of events every year. These events include carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, parades, political speeches, baseball games, family and social parties. People greet one another Happy Fourth of July and exchange gifts and selfies.

Some people especially associated with government officials, NGOs, local societies are present greeting cards. There is a large business revolves around the Happy 4th Of July cards, some big brands make millions of dollars from the industry.

Independence Day 4th Of July
Independence Day 4th Of July

The celebration date of Independence Day 4th Of July is fixed because of the historic relevance. Many people remember this festival from its date itself. Whereas, most federal holidays that occur on different dates, but in their fixed month. That is why hardly a man forgets to mention 4 July Independence Day in his monthly or annual work plan.

Hence, it has very important place in an American’s life and he always schedule lots of activities for the most especial day of the state. It is one of the few federal events that is celebrated by all the citizens uniformly. The difference of origin disappears when it comes to 4th of July Events and celebrations.

4th Of July
4th Of July
Happy 4th Of July
Happy 4th Of July

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When Is Independence Day

As we have discussed above, if the date falls on Saturday or Sunday, it is observed on either a day before or on the next day. When it observed other than 4th of July it is denoted on the calendar as “Independence Day Observed.” Here you will know What Is 4th Of July in a certain year. we are presenting a list of regular and observed federal holiday for the current and upcoming ten-years:

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday type
2020Friday3 JulyIndependence Day observedFederal Holiday
2020Saturday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2021Sunday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2021Monday5 JulyIndependence Day observedFederal Holiday
2022Monday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2023Tuesday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2024Thursday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2025Friday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2026Friday3 JulyIndependence Day observedFederal Holiday
2026Saturday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2027Sunday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2027Monday5 JulyIndependence Day observedFederal Holiday
2028Tuesday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2029Wednesday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday
2030Thursday4 JulyIndependence DayFederal Holiday

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